"Sea at Night" Exhibition - Sea Life Busan

Concept Design and Draft Themebook for a new attraction with futuristic interactives.
To overcome the practical difficulties of trying to demonstrate behaviour of mostly deep sea creatures, I based the design extensively around 3D projection mapped immersive environments which respond to audience movements.
To illustrate the phenomenon of Bioluminescence, I designed an interactive projected wall and floor installation where the waves repond to the visitors movements, just as in real life.
A longer video of the final installation can be viewed here: Video Link

Interactive concepts - Bioluminescence - Interactive ocean waves

More interactive waves and projected interactive jellyfish in the Jellyfish Room.
...right over your head, landing with a huge splash!
In the Bioluminescent Sea Area waves interact with feet and hands and every four or five minutes a Whale jumps...
But if you startle them they will back away
The Sea Turtles respond to beckoning gestures and will follow you if enticed...
...into Night showing the changes in the Creature's appearances in the dark
The realistically animated projected environment with soundscape cycles from daylight...
Lightly sculpted set with angled planes for 3d Projection Mapping

Interactive 3D projection mapped Sets. Mouse over Slideshow above for captions.

Firefly Squid follow gestures

Flashlight Fish shoal and sweep around avoiding your hands

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