Penguin Point

Complete Scenic Design construction and installation supervision (scenics, not base build) Concept designs, Graphics, Themebooks and research, scripts, soundtrack and editing for a 3 blended edge projector installation about the life cycles of the Penguins.
Research, soundtrack and editing for a film projection about Falklands Conservation. Design and graphics for a touchscreen Interactive.

General Layout

The "Pop Up" feature specified by Toby Forer has been popular with penguins and public alike

Design, research, graphics, sound and editing for two movies and an interactive (later changed to a slideshow for flow reasons)

Antarctic Sunset specially rendered from a 3D model as the background for a very wide aspect ratio film about the penguins lives

Detailing and reference for the excellent specialist sculptors from Nautilus

Construction layout drawings

The HVAC in the ceiling needed by the Penguins is considerable so I put it in my 3D models and renders as we went along