Interactives and Virtual Environment Creation

I'm extremely interested in creating completely immersive interactive environments.
Building on the projection mapping for the Thames project, I initiated the idea of immersive interactive projections for the Sea Life Busan "Sea at Night" exhibit.
This concept was built on my past experience experimenting with the game engine Unity.

Concept design for Sea Life Busan - Immersive interactive projections: Busan Video

Interactive touchscreen Layout and graphics for "Penguin Point" Sea Life London.

Sailing boat tests.

I modelled a real yacht and experimented in Unity Game Engine to make it interactive with some good results.
I wanted it to respond to the wind like a real boat but my excruciatingly limited programming ability wasn't up to it, so I used an asset store boat driver, and physics to make the boom swing when the boat turns...
...which is a cheat but so it goes.

The Sailing Boat demo was to be part of a whole game with different islands and experiences along the way...

Piazza Project

Another Unity Game I made was based on the Covent Garden venue in London I once modelled up for an Event I designed and which is now an Apple Store

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